Eating at home has never been easier!

Patio Service gives you an unlimited amount of options to choose from.

We offer more food, and more coverage.

This means you can choose from any restaurant you want, even if it is far away from home. A variety of options without the location range restrictions.

Patio Service goes the extra mile for you!

Try out our cravings/wishes button.

Patio offers an exclusive service where you can choose from offline items, restaurants, stores, or even food trucks that are not on our menu, to satisfy your cravings.

For your wishes, if you ever accidentally forget something important at home, or need anything from anywhere, a Patio Delivery worker can bring it to wherever you need it to and make your day.

We give our clients premium options and a personalized service for guilty pleasures, wishes and lifesaving moments.

What makes us different

We have a system with fair commissions! We work with a percentage of flat commissions. We go further!  Our coverage extends to 4.5 miles, allowing you to be more visible and reach more clients.


We offer the lowest commission rates to restaurants and businesses in New York and our delivery coverage is the widest. We deliver to every customer even the ones far away from your restaurant.

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