Patio DELIVERY arrives at NYC 

to innovate the market with strategies that will help raise your sales. Your perfect partner and leader in Latin America. We dispose of a multiplatform where you can find: Pharmacies, supermarkets, stores, accessories, restaurants, even messenger and taxi services (in the future)

Please contact us to register your business and to advertise with us, we can work and grow together.

What makes us different

We have a system with fair commissions! We work with a percentage of flat commissions. We go further!  Our coverage extends to 4.5 miles, allowing you to be more visible and reach more clients.

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Fair commissions and greater coverage

Clients want more variety, and that is how our coverage of 4.5 miles allows you to work in a wider radius with much more sales possibilities.

Sell More Pay Less

Patio´s platform offers you the logistics service, and if you have your own delivery workers, your commission is even lower! We have a PICK UP option, so your clients can make their own food orders to pick up. Join our app, with the most coverage and variety in town.

Much simpler for users

How does our app work? It´s simple. We have an app for our allies and partners that allows them to make order receptions; there is also an app for their own delivery workers.

How does patio delivery app works?

 It´s simple. We have an app for our allies and partners that allows them to make order receptions; there is also an app for their own delivery workers.

Sign up in the following form:

Sign up in this link, it is easy and free. We will configure your app.

We configure your app

Inside our app, we have ads that will boost your sales like: push notifications, banners, pop ups, and more!

Start selling

All you need to do is enter this link and submit your information; our support team will contact you as soon as possible.

We market your business in the social network as well as our users.

Our users can find your business in our broad coverage area and place an order, then Patio Delivery takes care of the rest.

Our delivery team will ensure the orders get distributed on time and with a high standard of cleanness.

Our benefits

We have the largest number of shops

Largest coverage 4.5 miles, Fair commissions 17%, System for your own delivery workers, adds that will boost your sales within the app, pickup system, messenger service, and soon taxi service.

Our service “I´ll buy it for you” is extraordinary! It allows ordering whatever you want from your place of choice. You just need to ask the delivery worker for whatever you need from this section and make your payment via Paypal or P.O.S  when you receive the order and DONE!

Enjoy an excellent service

We developed our own technology to provide you everything you need. Our autonomous robot for online orders has the purpose of creating a unique experience. At the moment we are developing a fleet of drones that allows delivery’s via airway to optimize time and security.

Personalized orders: Did you forget your keys? Do not worry! We will take anything you want, to wherever you need it.

All you need is to click on the “Personalized orders” button.  And tell us what you need.

They trust us